Estudio 94, S.L.
Ingenieros Ambientales
Compromisos y valores
The human team
Proyectos destacados
certificados ISO-9001 e ISO-14001

• Estudio 94 is an engineering and consulting firm that carries out environmental projects, always taking in care the sustainable development.

• We look for the excellence in all our works. To achieve this excellence, our projects yield results that provide added value to the clients’ strategy and help their success in business.

• Estudio 94 the professional team is a key element. The firm looks for the right academic qualifications and experience of its workforce, and promotes the innovation and the creativity as major factors of the organization development..

• Workforce in Estudio 94 is fully available and implicated with the customer’s objectives, from the kick-off meeting of projects to the implementing results phases of them.

• Estudio 94 is certified by ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 international standards.


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